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To satisfy our customers' highest requirements, we invest on the latest technology continuously and equipped the most advanced tooling manufacturing facilities, such as Japan famous "Seibu" and "Sodick" WEDM machine, Japan "Wasino" optical curve grinding machine (PG), CNC, small grinders, carving machines, WEDM-HS, as well as a series of related auxiliary facilities etc.


wEDm - sodick ad 360ls    WEDM - SODICK AD 360LS
Characteristics of SODICK model AD 360LS
1The axis X, Y, U and V of Sodick WEDM are equipped with linear servo motor, as well as the world's leading electric discharge machine. Compared with the conventional ball screw drive mechanism, it achieves high responsiveness and positioning accuracy. In addition, because of no distortion and no wear, long-term stability and high accuracy are guaranteed.
2Improve job performance
As a result, the delivery and discharge time of the processing liquid is greatly shortened, and the working efficiency is improved. In addition, by arranging the operating devices in a centralized manner around the control panel, the burden of daily work is greatly reduced. In terms of maintainability, the filter tank is placed in front of the structure, which facilitates the operation of the operator and thus contributes to the improvement of the production efficiency.
3High-speed automatic wiring device
Through the use of a unique tension servo, high-precision and stable machining can be achieved. In addition, a high wiring rate is achieved by assembling a high-speed automatic wiring device with a straightness function. This reduces man-hours for operation and allows long periods of unattended high-speed operation
4High-speed, high-precision, high-stability processing machine
The easy-to-operate slidable slotted door and the space-saving design of the integrated structure of the machine body, power supply and auxiliary fuel tank have been well received by customers and have become the best sales model in the EDM machine.

Specification of SODICK model AD 360LS
Stroke X, Y and Z360mm*250mm*220mm
Stroke U and V80mm*80mm
Taper processing control angle±15°
Maximum workpiece size550mm*380mm*220mm
Maximum workpiece quality400kg
Machine body size1277mm*2246mm*2110mm

Characteristics of SODICK model AD 360LSCharacteristics of SODICK model AD 360LSCharacteristics of SODICK model AD 360LS


Specification of SEIBU MM50A
Maximum size of the workpiece800x650x300m
Maximum weight of the workpiece800kg
Axis movement (XXYXZ)500x350x310mm
Wire electrode diameter¢0.1~¢0.3
wire feederAWF-4
Movement axis U-V±60mm
Maximum taper angle±10°
Outer dimension1680x1915x2070mm

Wiring cutting advantages of Japan Seibu model MM50A

01:Ideal for processing operations that do not stop halfway, the highest automatic threading device is used to support the midway without stopping the operation, so that the working efficiency is improved;

02:From the point of view of the operator of the machine, it is necessary to improve the operation performance. Information necessary for processing and maintenance can be confirmed on any screen and it is not necessary to move the screen. At the same time, the adjustment of the difficult processing conditions at the time of the line breakage and the vertical line at the corners is not directly adjusted to the processing conditions, but can simply be adjusted on the moving touch screen, enabling the operator from the machine to simply Operating machine performance;

03:The super-hard anti-corrosion coating circuit is coated on the machined surface in order to prevent the life of the mold from being reduced due to the corrosion of the cemented carbide. After coating, it can suppress the loss of about 70% of Cobalt and Cobalt, which greatly improves the life of the mold;

04:The professional performance of ultra-precision machining and the manual scraping of the traditional scraper are based on the quality MM series created by the woodworking skill "scraper", achieving a machining accuracy of 0.1 micron. Squeegee technology MM series enables long-term stable pitch machining accuracy;

05:The higher processing accuracy enables the machining accuracy of ultra-precision molds to be achieved! With the world's highest automatic threading device, it is possible to realize peace of mind in the processing of sheet metal, such as sheet metal processing, which is passed sequentially;

06:Temperature monitoring and correction can automatically correct the displacement of the vertical position of the wire due to the influence of ambient temperature changes or discharge heat. There is also no need to increase the cost of temperature control equipment, but also the accuracy of the original processin;

07:Super-precision pitch processing is realized, and ultra-high-precision processing is realized by overturning the level of conventional common sense; Realization of the automatic threading device after disconnection and the first pitch of the industry, and the accuracy of the shape is improved by customers.

08:The western Japan's slow walking silk 0.05 silk wire automatically responds to correspondence, and the 50 μm wire can also be connected at the 80 μm initial threading hole, and the actual wire connection success rate can indeed exceed 90%. It is said with certainty that not only ultra-precision mold processing but also small-sized precision parts processing can be performed, and Super mm 1 can be adapted to a wider range of fields.

Characteristics of optical grinding machine (PG) model Japan AMADA WASINO GSL C8

01-Wet grinding: Newly designed moisture-proof cover; Can process a variety of difficult-to-cut work pieces; Reduces wheel wear and heat generation during processing.

02-High accuracy and rigidity.

03-Special mold grinding high speed spindle (20000min-1), spindle high speed, high precision and low heat.

03Specifications of PG machine Japan AMADA WASINO GSL C8

Specifications of PG machine Japan AMADA WASINO GSL C8
Technical specificationsItemUnit
BenchWork surface area (length × width)mm400 × 250
Movement amountLongitudinal feedmm300
Horizontal feedmm150
Minimum setting unitmm0.0001
Location detection-Semi-closed loop
Grinding wheelLifting progressmm0~155
Lifting speedmin.-130~400
Movement amountLongitudinal feedmm200

Horizontal feedmm150

Minimum setting unitmm0.0001

Location detection-Full-closed loop
Release angleFront release angle°-2~+20

Horizontal release angle°±15
Swing angle°±15
ProjectorScreen size (length × width)mm540 × 420

Wheel axisSize (outer diameter × width × inner diameter)mmΦ65~100 × 4~6 × Φ22.23
Swing speed
Motor capacity
kW-P1.5 - 4
Body area (length×width)mm1760 × 1750
Body weightkg4500
Battery capacitykVA18
Controlling deviceNC
Hand wheel
2 : X,Y (Z,V)
Pitch error correction
Control axis number
4 axes (simultaneous 2 axes)

Specifications of PG machine Japan AMADA WASINO GSL C8

04 Our Equipments:

Equipment Brand Model Origin Quant. Tolerance
Optical projection grinderMadaC8Japan20.001mm
Film plotterDaliangPL-007Tanwan10.001mm
Small grinderYuqing614STanwan120.001mm
Spark dischargePinyi Tanwan20.03mm
WEDM-HSDatie China20.01mm
Datie  1 
Jinma China10.05mm
Sand blasting machine  China1 
Metallographic microscope  China1 
ProjecterNikon Japan10.001mm
ProjecterWanhao Taiwan10.002mm
AltimeterNikon Japan60.001mm
Two dimensional height instrumentNikon Japan10.001mm