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What Are The Classifications Of Stamping Tools?

Dec. 24, 2018

Dongguan Huisoelec Limited is a high-quality Metal Parts Stamping Die Factory in Dongguan. It is a manufacturer mainly providing surface grinding, Sodick line EDM, mirror discharge, CNC optical grinding, mold quality inspection and assembly. The company takes technology as the core and wins the trust of all major customers!

The quality, manufacturing efficiency and manufacturing price of components have an immediate effect on China Metal Stamping Services and production.

There are various kinds of stamping dies, which could typically be categorized based on the character of this procedure.

1. A separate mold is created along a closed or open contour, called a blanking die.

2. A mould for bending a sheet clean or other sterile along a bend point to acquire a workpiece of a particular angle and form known as a bending mould. 

3. A mold which creates a blank of sheet material in an open hollow component, or that additional affects the form and size of the hollow area, is referred to as a deep drawing mould.

4. The blank or semi-finished workpiece is directly pressed and formed according to the shape of the convex and concave molds, 

and the material itself is only Precision Stamped to form a partially plastically deformed mold, which is called a forming mold.

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