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Stamping Die Classification

Feb. 14, 2019

Here is Sheet Metal Mold Stamping Manufacturers talking about Stamping Die Classification. 

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a. Leave the information on the open or closed outline line. Such as perishing, die, die cutting, cutting die, trimming expire, cutting die, etc.. 

b. The zigzag mold deforms the billet or alternative billet at a direct line, then obtains the mould from the workpiece at a particular angle and contour. 

c. The mould of this figure is a mould that may change a sterile sheet into a hollow hollow sheet or farther alter the form and size of this hollow sheet.

d. The mold is a mold that immediately reproduces a sterile or semi-machined workpiece. The information itself is only partly deformed based on the form of the convex and concave mould in the drawing. Such as expansion version, vibration version, growth version, demanding forming design, hemming version, plastic mould, etc..

e. Classify based on the amount of procedure mix.

f. stamping die is to use external force to join the participating parts in a certain order and method, and then form a whole.

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