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Parts Suitable For Rack Punching

Jun. 04, 2019

Today we Precision Connector Terminal Stamping Die Factory come to summarize Parts suitable for rack punching.

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1. Complex contoured parts

The rack punching machine has a circular interpolation function, and any plane curve can be approximated by a straight line or an arc and can process various complicated contour parts. Complete troubleshooting of the rack punching machine, such as automatic punching machine hardware and software alarms, correcting fault self-diagnosis, shelf punching machine protection functions when different accidents occur, such as excessive processing load and The shelf punching opportunity during the power outage is protected according to the outgoing process, which ensures the reliability of the punching machine.

Precision Connector Terminal Stamping Die Factory

2. Small roughness parts

The roughness depends on the feed rate and cutting speed on the premise that the part and finishing allowance, the material and angle of the tool are constant. Some punching machines are constant speeds, and the cutting speed varies depending on the diameter of the workpiece. The rack punching machine has a constant line speed cutting function, and the same line speed can be maintained when the wheel end surface has different diameters, ensuring a small and uniform roughness. When processing surfaces with different roughness, the surface with small roughness is selected for small feed speed, and the surface with large roughness is selected for larger feed speed, which has good variability, which is difficult to do in other punching machines. 

3. Suitable for a variety of parts, small parts in batches

The manufacturing cost of the shelf punching machine is gradually decreasing. Whether it is domestic or foreign, the phenomenon of mass production of parts has appeared. When processing small batches and single-piece production, it is also possible to shorten the commissioning time and preparation time.

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