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What Are The Maintenance Methods Of Automatic CNC Punching Machine?

May. 25, 2019

Here is China Metal Parts Stamping Die Supplier talking about What are the maintenance methods of the automatic CNC punching machine.

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First mold fixing screw fastening

In addition to the most routine maintenance items, it is also necessary to tighten the automatic CNC punching machine molds and screws, that is, use a hex wrench to determine the mold screw to reach a fixed position; if it is loose for a long time, it may endanger the punching safety or reduce The quality of the punching hole or the aperture error is increased.

Second tightening drive belt (avoid sagging or danger)

The inspection of the transmission V-belt is also an indispensable maintenance item for the CNC punching machine. After opening the protective cover, observe whether there is looseness by the naked eye to see if it is drooping; if this is the case, the driving belt should be tightened. However, Xiao Bian reminds you that when checking the V-belt, it must be done in the state of stoppage, otherwise, it will endanger personal safety.

Third lubrication and refueling (reducing the friction of each part)

The automatic CNC punching machine needs to add lubricating oil to each lubrication point every 1-3 months. When refueling, use the oil filling gun and add it to the corresponding parts according to the rules; pay attention to dustproof after refueling, because if the lubricating oil The lack of mechanical friction increases the life of each part, and it may increase the noise and cause noise pollution.

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