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The Future Development Trend Of OEM High Quality Stamping Die

Nov. 13, 2018

Do you know OEM high quality stamping die, let us know about the future development of OEM high quality stamping dies!

1. High-speed milling

The high-speed milling process developed abroad has greatly improved the processing efficiency and achieved a very high surface finish. In addition, it can also process high hardness modules and has the advantages of low-temperature rise and small thermal deformation. The development of high-speed milling technology has injected new vitality into the manufacture of large-scale cavity molds in the automotive and home appliance industries. It has evolved toward greater agility, intelligence, and integration.

2. EDM milling

EDM milling technology, also known as EDM, is a new technology that replaces the traditional cavity machining of shaped electrodes. It is a simple tubular electrode with high-speed rotation for 3D or 2D contour machining. Like CNC milling, there is no longer a need to make complex shaped electrodes, which is clearly a major development in the field of EDM. Machine tools using this technology have been used in mold processing abroad. It is expected that this technology will be developed.

3. Mold grinding and polishing will be automated and intelligent

The quality of the mold surface has a great influence on the service life of the mold and the appearance quality of the workpiece. It is an important development trend to research the automation and intelligent grinding and polishing methods to replace the existing manual operation to improve the surface quality of the mold.

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OEM High Quality Stamping Die

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