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What To Pay Attention To When Using A Fully Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine

Apr. 25, 2019

As an OEM Metal Stamping Manufacturer, we will discuss What to pay attention to when using a fully automatic pipe cutting machine with you.

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1. In the direction of the automatic cutting machine workpiece entry and exit, the section should not stand.

2. When changing tools, measuring workpieces, running rooms, and cleaning the tube head, it must be stopped.

3. When the automatic pipe cutting machine cuts the pipe head, it is necessary to prevent the pipe head from flying out.

4. When the long material is placed in the rack and the lead wire is loosened, measures should be taken to prevent the tube from moving, impacting and crushing the person.

5. The use of a grinding wheel cutting machine should check the grinding wheel in advance for defects, cracking ants, the damp, power supply is reliable

6. The dust removal device of the cutting machine should be in good condition before cutting.

7. When the automatic pipe cutting machine is rotating, no part of the human body can be connected to the transmission parts. When operating, it is necessary to tie the mouth and work hard. The human head should be cut in the direction of the drama.

8. Make a good tool before cutting and clamp the work. The length of the clamping part shall not be less than 50 mm, the parking baffle shall be nationally determined, and the test shall be carried out after being clamped, loosened, forward, backward, etc.

The line work spindle shift must be performed after stopping. The gears need to be fully integrated when shifting. When it is found that the taste is not normal, it is necessary to stop the inspection immediately.

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