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What Are The Details Of The Stamping Process?

Jul. 15, 2019

Here is OEM High Quality Metal Stamping manufacturer talking about What are the details of the stamping process. 

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The stamping process is a metal processing method based on the plastic deformation of the metal. The mold and the stamping equipment are used to apply pressure to the sheet material to plastically deform or separate the sheet material, thereby obtaining a shape, a size, and a performance. Parts (stamping parts). As long as every detail of the stamping process is ensured to be in place, processing can be performed more efficiently. Increased efficiency also ensures control of the finished product.

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The details of the stamping process are as follows:

1. Before the stamping, it is necessary to have the straightening adjustment process steps or the automatic correction tooling to ensure that the raw materials are smoothly and smoothly entered into the cavity.

2. The position of the strip on the feed clamp needs to be clearly defined. The width gaps on both sides of the strip and on both sides of the feed clip need to be clearly defined and guaranteed to be executed.

3. Whether the stamped debris is cleaned out in time and effectively without being mixed or stuck to the product.

4. The material in the width direction of the coil needs 100% monitoring to prevent the raw materials from being full and the stamping products are not good.

5. Whether the end of the coil is monitored, the stamping process will stop automatically when the coil is in the head.

6. The operating instructions should clearly define how the product will remain in the mold when an abnormal shutdown occurs.

7. There must be error-proof tooling before the tape enters the mold to ensure that the raw material can enter the correct position inside the mold.

8. Continuous mode or feed mode requires step position monitoring. If the position does not come, it should be alarmed or stopped automatically.

9. The stamping die must be equipped with a detector to detect if a product is stuck in the cavity. If there is a jam, the device stops automatically.

10. Whether the stamping process parameters are monitored, when the abnormal parameters appear, the products produced under this parameter are automatically scrapped.

11. Is the implementation of the management of the stamping die (plan and implementation of preventive maintenance, an inspection of spare parts)

12. The air gun used to blow away debris must clearly define the blowing position and direction.

13. There is no risk of damage to the product during the finished product collection process.

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