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Classification Of Automobile Stamping Dies

Nov. 16, 2018

According to the different processing methods of products, the ODM automotive stamping die can be divided into five categories: punching and shearing dies, bending dies, drawing dies, forming dies and compression dies.

1. Punching and shearing die: the work is completed by shearing. The common forms are cutting die, blanking dies, punching dies, trimming die, flanging dies, drawing dies and punching die.

2. Bending die: It bends flat hair embryo into an angle shape, depending on the shape, accuracy and production of the parts, it has many different forms of the die, such as the ordinary bending die, cam bending die, crimping die, arc bending die, bending punch and twisting die.

3. Draw die: the mold is made of flat hair and made of seamless container.

4. Forming die: refers to the use of various local deformation methods to change the shape of the hair embryo, in the form of convex forming die, flange forming die, necking forming die, hole flange forming die, flange forming die.

5. Compression die: It uses strong pressure to make the metal hair germ flow and deform into the required shape. Its types include extrusion die,

embossing die and end-pressing die.

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