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Advantages Of Automatic Cnc Punching Machine

May. 06, 2019

Here is Odm Automotive Terminals Stamping Die Factory talking about Advantages of automatic CNC punching machine.

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First easy to operate, good print quality

Odm Automotive Terminals Stamping Die Factory

1. Stable work accuracy (plc + servo motor)

Nowadays, the requirements for punching in various industries are gradually increasing, which requires the punching machine to have ultra-stable working precision, and the fully automatic CNC punching machine can achieve high precision work because it adopts plc design and can be equipped with servo motor. High precision is guaranteed under the premise of ensuring punching efficiency.

2. Easy to operate (direct input parameters)

The CNC punching machine is directly controlled by the computer of the Chinese interface and only needs to input the corresponding parameters, without complicated operation procedures, which not only helps to improve the work efficiency but also effectively avoids the operation errors caused by the complicated operation. Problems and security issues.

Second manual intervention is low (low error value)

The traditional punching equipment requires a large number of employees, a higher proportion of input, high error value, and poor punching quality, but the automatic CNC punching machine is not. Its punching and cutting can be carried out automatically, which can improve the punching. The efficiency of the hole can also reduce the labor costs of the enterprise.

Third wear resistance and good shock resistance (long life)

The external CNC punching machine is made of stainless steel and other structures, which has strong pressure resistance and is resistant to corrosion. In addition, it is shock-absorbing and has good shock resistance.

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